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2010-2011 IG Team PhotoInternational Gymnastics is one of the largest and most successful competitive teams in North Carolina. Since 1991, IG has carried on a tradition of excellence in performance in both the level of gymnastics and the character qualities of its athletes. We strive to train young gymnasts to the best of their ability while providing them with long term skills that will lead them to success in their adult lives.

IG Team Staff

Suzie Sanocki Andrea Cherry


IG's non-competitive team groups include Level 1 and Level 2. Based on staff assessments, young gymnasts that demonstrate the aptitude and potential for success in the sport of gymnastics are invited to join one of these groups.

IG's competitive team groups include the compulsory team (levels 3 - 6) and the optional team ( levels 7 - 10). The compulsory season occurs during the fall while the option team compete during the spring.

More information about our non-competitive and competitive team groups is available in the forms section in the right column of this page.

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Fall Workout Schedule PDF
Comp Team Competition Schedule PDF
Optional Team Competition Schedule PDF
Summer Workout Schedule PDF


Non-Comp Team Group Info PDF
Comp Team Group Info PDF
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